Genuine Panama hats from Montecristi - Ecuador

Are you looking for the authentic Panama hat?  We offer you the Genuine Panama hat from Ecuador made in a government-certified workshop in Montecristi. Here you will find the finest hand-made summer hats! We are located in Montecristi, the cradle of the finest Panama hats in the world. We are in close contact with the master weavers of this craft. The high quality and enjoyable wearing comfort make the Panama hats the most popular summer hats. People from all over the world are always amazed by these unique pieces of art made of natural Toquilla-straw.

  • Genuine Panama hat from Ecuador model Trevil
  • Genuine Panama hat from Ecuador model Optimo

Fino regular - 15 weaves per inch

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Superfino - 24 weaves per inch

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  • Panama hat fino regular 15 weaves

    Fino regular

    15 weaves per inch - our basic type of Panama hat of great quality

  • Panama hat fino 18 weaves


    18 weaves per inch – the Panama hat has a tighter weave than the Fino regular hat

  • Panama hat fino fino 21 weaves

    Fino fino

    21 weaves per inch - Panama hat are for those who demand fine quality

  • Panama hat superfino 24 weaves


    24 weaves per inch - Panama hat woven with the finest straw, extremely fine weave

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Buy 2 and save 20% on the second one!

Buy a Panama hat from the "Superfino" category and get a 20% discount on one from the "Fino regular" category. The discount will be displayed in your shopping cart.

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Who We Are

We are a German couple in Ecuador and have been running a hat shop since 2014, specializing in the worldwide shipping of genuine Panama hats from Montecristi. We work closely and successfully with the local weavers.

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  • Galen - Washington (state), Diamante


    Excellent quality product. I’m glad I bought through this vendor.

  • Kevin - Virginia, Clásico Superfino


    Very nice, high quality Panama Hat from Montecristi Ecuador. Just 48 hours once shipped from Ecuador...

  • James, Óptimo Superfino


    Incredible hat. I’ve been wanting a Panama Optimo for as long as I can remember. So thrilled with this product. None finer. Thank You!

  • Ponchos

    Woven by Ecuadorian artisans.

    Keeps you warm and offers ideal comfort for the cold winter. Soft, light, warm and feels very pleasant to the skin. Handmade with tagua nut or wooden button.

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    Insured UPS Express-Shipping

     Online-shipment tracking


    100% Customer satisfaction

  • Panama Hats

    Each piece is crafted entirely by hand, woven so finely that the finest Panama hats appear to be made from linen. Our Panama hatsare "freshly" blocked, so to say - you can feel the difference.